segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011


With determination & the Lord's help, you can overcome your natural weaknesses!
We all were born with certain positive traits & certain negative ones, & your personality is influenced by your ancestors,your zodiac and your environment, but it is largely up to you whether or not you emphasise your positive traits & try to overcome your negative ones.
God gives every person two sides, & a great deal is up to you what you do with what you have. You can either be strong & saintly or weak & wicked and He leaves the choice & majesty of decision up to you, which way you want to go.- To go in the strong direction upstream or just drift with the tide. The choice is yours, but having made the right choice to really want to be strong & good& Godly, then the Lord can step in, and help you that way!
Togethar you can overcome your environment and your heredity and that wicked side of your nature, if you've got the faith and the drive and determination and self-discipline to do something about it.
He can overrule it all and make you a new creature in Christ Jesus with old things passed away and all things become new! (2 cor. 5:17) Amen?

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