domingo, 19 de junho de 2011


The ultimate picture of God's creative love to man,is a beautiful woman! You don't believe in God? Look at woman! She was created for you by the love of God and she is the love of God for you! A beautiful woman is the ultimate of God's love for natural man. That was the last and greatest creation that God made to show Adam , man, how much He loved him!
Because after Adam was created he needed someone but there was nothing else,not any beast of the field anywhere,which was good enough for him. And so God said: It's not good for man to live alone,I will make an helpmeet for him( Gen: 2:18)
There's no creation of God more beautiful than His crowning creation, the female form. That was His greatest work of art, the most beautiful picture of His love that He ever made! Even if you can't understand the crucifixion, even if you can't understand Jesus, surely you can understand the ultimate creation of God; a "woman"!
For she is sex itself and love itself and the manifestation of God Himself! Every thing about her is God's love for you! Amén?

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