sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012


I was watching the OLIMPICS opening ceremony the other night, all that magnificent show, nice and beautiful, but neverthless with the single purpose to glorify man and all his acomplishments.As you may have noticed, God was not mentioned!

During the Country Team's Parade as they showed each Country's respective Leader(s), it came to me by looking at them, as they stood up in pride , that maybe some of them are fair and just people ( at least they consider themselves to be) other's well, only GOD knows the perverse evil ways they have to hide.

And here they are standing before the whole World as if they are God's and in a sense they are the God's of this earthly World. Having eyes and not seeing, blind to all the despair, poverty, crimes and diseases of billions of people. Powerful but at the same time impotent, or not willing to solve their own people problems. Rich and full, but keeping hundred of thousands under the line of poverty with not enough to eat.

And as they always do, deceiving and being decieved here they are willing to throw out $ Billions on this fleshly glorify man's contest, instead of reverting their richness into building a better World for all of us. I just can't get it. Can you?

As i watched the closing of the event when this very popular leading Singer , already in his 70's and soon perhaps to be called Home sang, as i looked right into his eyes, i could just see darkness and fear inside, sad to say, and i realised how into darkness the World is and i was saddned that the people just don't see it, decieved by false hopes and lies covered by materialism.

And it reminded me of what JESUS said: "What profit the man to gain the whole wide world and lose his own soul?" (Mat: 16:26) And suddently a feeling of assurance took over me, that I among many others, not too many, perhaps a few thounsand, we have lost the World, but we saved our own souls!

We have not gathered riches nor goods of this World (As certainly is the Lord's Will for us) and many of us still have barely enough to survive, little money, no Mansions, no fancy cars, but we have not compromissed our Souls! We are jorneying in peace with our hearts clean towards HOME! HEAVEN!!! ARE YOU?!!!

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