sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012


Computers, Cell Phones, Lap Tops, Ipods, Ipeds, MP3 Players, CD Players, Iphones,GPS devices, E-mail, Internet, and the list goes on and on to almost a truckload filled of literally "junk" stuff that people consider staple, products they "think" they cannot live without of.

How the World has changed in just one generation. They say is for the better, but their better isn't good enough and people are growing cold and wicked as they turn their backs and close eyes to what is real and lasts forever. I remember when the children were instructed by their parents, now TV, Internet and all the lifeless devices are the parents teaching and leading the children into violence, crime, drugs and more.

I remember not long ago when my mother used to ask me to go to a paper shop buy paper and envelope so we would sit down and writte a hand writting letter to our family living in a distant land. That was the only way to communicate those days and telephone was a luxury that only wealthy families could afford to. I'm not saying here that all this modern stuff is uninportant, but it's not essencial, and if you are slaving yourself in order to be able to purchase all this considered vital items, you'd sure have lost the track of the trail my friend.

The fast approaching night is going to be the nightmare of the people that are so attached to all the materialism and can't see an inch in front of their noses for they are so busy stocking up goods for themselves. Things have got to get a lot worse before they can get better, and the horrors of the growing darkness of this world and what seems to be a "peace of mind" is going to become an evil dream upon all those that are destroying God's Earth.

Thank God, Jesus is going to stop the World! To get off and away from this soon coming worldly confusion and into the peace, quiet, the beauty and the love , the real love, not the love for things, is a privilege of just a few. Be sure you're of them! Just receive JESUS Today!!

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