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The Message Of Jeremiah!

David Berg's son Jonathan (Hosea) demonstrating with a yoke and sackcloth.
God turned Jeremiah around and made a revolutionary out of him, but He had a little difficulty trying to turn the nation around!--In fact, He never quite succeeded! But at least He tried. Are you willing to be a revolutionary even if nobody ever joins? Well, that's about the way Jeremiah had it! But let me tell you who joined him: God!
Jeremiah was a revolutionist! He was trying to revolve the nation, turn it around and start it the other direction. But he never succeeded, he was a flat failure! He never changed Israel, he never got them to repent. We can't make these churches change! We can't make this nation change! They have to make that decision--our job is just to tell them. And when it came to telling them, let me tell you, this boy was a huge success! They got the point so well, they tried to kill him!
There's only one thing that's really worth dying for and that's Jesus! You're going to find this Book of Jeremiah a very dangerous book, that's why it's not preached much in the churches. It was plenty dangerous for Jeremiah, very dangerous for him!--Nearly got him killed! Got him thrown in prison, got him thrown in a dungeon where he sunk in the slime right up to his armpits and it took a dear old coloured boy to pull him out!
His own family wanted to murder him and his own church put him in stocks where they could spit on him and slap him and kick and hit him, made him a mocking derision to his people. Of course he preached the same kind of revolution we do, not one of violence, not the Molotov cocktail, but one of the spirit! He tried to get them to revolve, turn around and go the other direction!
What made Jeremiah a revolutionary?--He broke with the System, and he followed God! No matter what the System said or did to him, he was more afraid of God than he was of the System! How about you? You want to survive? You want to keep going, still preaching Jesus even when the Confusion is on and over? Huh? Well, just follow Jesus, obey Jesus, live and die for Jesus and forget the System!--Especially when it's not of God!
I want to warn you that Jeremiah is dangerous doctrine, but it's what God told us to preach and that's why we're here and that's what we preach, because that's what's going to happen! Jer.1:10: "See I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms." This little guy Jeremiah, he was nothing but a prophet! But God said he had set him over the nations!--And over the kingdoms! "To root out!" Whew! What are you going to root out?--All the unnecessary trash and garbage that just gets in the way, all the System addicts!
"To pull down and to destroy!" You mean we have a destructive ministry? Yes, we have! We're out, as the newspaper quoted us, to destroy the System!--This present false System of religion, God helping us! Now, that's a pretty big goal. We're out to destroy, the newspaper said, modern education, the compulsory anti-Christ religion of America, that's a pretty big goal!
"To destroy and to throw down!" Four parts of his message was destruction, two-thirds of his total message! Get rid of the false, obliterate the false, throw out the false, throw down the false, cast out the false, root out the false! Because if you can't get rid of the garbage, if you can't get rid of the weeds, if you can't get rid of the ruins and the rubble, how are you going to plant or build anything in the same place?
And I regret to tell you that so far, according to world history, the prophets have usually gotten it in the neck and the System got them first! But they did a lot of damage to the System, and they saved a lot of souls, and they woke up a lot of people, and they preserved at least some Truth and some Gospel and some salvation, and that's why you're here--because somebody fought for the Truth!
"Root out, pull down, destroy, throw down!"--Is that revolutionary enough? Is that dangerous enough?--Before you can plant and build. You can't plant and build anything new till you get rid of the old garbage, the old rubbish. You just can't do it. We have to brainwash people, get rid of those System-addict ideas before we can plant anything new. We've got to wash their brains with the pure water of the Word and get rid of all that hogwash that they've been taught in Christless churches and anti-Christ schools!

Two-thirds of his ministry, two-thirds of your ministry is to fight the System and that which is false! God told me personally that this was to be my ministry, and if you're going to follow what God showed me we're supposed to do, it's going to be your ministry!--And that's not very easy, that's not a nice little lovey-dovey gentle message! So let's pray and ask God to help us to have the courage to preach a message that's hard to preach, a message they don't want to hear, a message they will not receive, and a message that they'll persecute you for! In Jesus' name, amen.--What are you doing about it?

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