quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2015


  1. WORK !  The Lord has not overloaded us with work. He has Blessed us with it!
  2. BE POSITIVE!  The pessimist when smells flowers look around for the burial!
  3. BE HAPPY!  Happiness is contagious, but it looks like some people have been innoculated against it!
  4. HAVE FAITH! You can't have golden thoughts about your future if your mind is filled with the depressive blue of the past!
  5. SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY! Very often big opportunities come disguised in impossible situations!
  6. CHEER UP! Joyfulness is the cleanest window of the Soul!
  7. BE INFLUENT! It's impossible for anyone go tr'u his life without having been of influence on other's either positive or negatively!
  8. SHARE! Put your mind in God and other's! Happiness does not come tr'u the personnal search for it, but tr'u trying making other people happy!
  9. CHANGE YOUR HABITS! Habits are either the best of the servants or the worse of the masters!
  10. TAKE A LAUGH OF YOURSELF! If the World smiles at you, smile back to him! The World is so or more funny than you! ( An employer refused to give a raise to a worker using the following argument: " I know you can't marry with the wage i'm paying you, but one day you're gonna thank me for that! kkk!")
  11. SOCIALIZE! The three more important words: I LOVE YOU!  The two more important words: FORGIVE ME!  The word more important: US!  The word less important: ME!

Translation and Editing By Morethanafriend

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